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Find a dog trainer in Fresno

I do not believe in labeling dogs as hyper, reactive, depressed, etc…  I do believe that many people use “labels” as excuses for poor training or no training at all.  I also feel that there are too many trainers using too many cookies to bribe dogs to do what they want and we all know how much this fails both the dog and owner.  On the other side of the spectrum we have dog trainer Fresno using harsh training methods that border on animal abuse.  Neither of the aforementioned will result in a dog that is happy and willing to work for their handler (owner). 


A happy, willing dog has been taught obedience through effectively executed Balanced Training. 

  1. Balanced Training requires that the trainer understand that there are no cookie cutter methods for training dogs. 
  2. Balanced training requires that the trainer have an expert knowledge and skill set of all 4 quadrants of behaviorism (positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative reinforcement and negative punishment) and most importantly that the trainer has the knowledge and skill sets to use them appropriately and effectively in order to achieve their final goal; a dog/handler team who have been trained in the most humane and expeditious manner.  
  3. Balanced training results in dog/handler teams who become bonded and fluent in commands that last a lifetime!