Good grout sealing San Antonio

Cleaning and maintaining tile grout lines can be a tedious, time consuming, frustrating and physically exhausting job.
Grout is a very porous material made up of cement and sand. Trying to remove the stains and discoloration is next to impossible.  There are three solutions
to cure dirty, discolored grout but only one logical choice.
1. Removing the grout and replacing it with new grout.
2. Steam cleaning the grout or using strong chemicals.
3. Color sealing the grout.
Removing and Replacing Grout
Removing the grout completely from the tile and replacing
it with new grout is a fairly common technique that
homeowners and some businesses use.  This process is very
time consuming and can take several days to complete.  Removing grout lines will cause extreme amounts of dust and debris in the home and has to be done with extreme perfection to avoid chipping and cracking the tiles.  Once the old grout is removed and the new grout is applied, it will only be a matter of weeks before the grout lines begin to stain and discolor leaving you exactly where you started.
Steam Cleaning Grout
Steam cleaning grout lines or using rotary machines to clean grout has become a very popular method over the last several years. Grout sealing San Antonio with this method can be effective on surface dirt, but will not remove stains and discoloration that have penetrated deep into the grout.  Steam cleaning alone can only remove a small fraction of the stains and bacteria and can cause significant damage to both the tile and grout.  High pressure cleaning and rotary machines weaken grout lines by removing layers of grout and sand.  Over a short period of time the grout will begin to deteriorate, crack and eventually crumble out.  Once the grout lines deteriorate and crack moisture will build up under the tile causing the tile to loosen and eventually buckle.

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