How to Clean and Maintain Your New Fence

Now that you have a high quality wood, metal or PVC fence installed at your Tucker area home or business by Fence company Knoxville TN, it’s time to make sure that you have the knowledge necessary to maintain it. Caring for your new fence can minimize the need for fence repair, extend its life, and keep it looking like new for years to come. Here’s a look at how to maintain the most common fence types.


Wood Fence

Wood fencing is popular throughout Knoxville, particularly in residential applications. To maintain your wood fence, make sure you stain and seal it at least once every twelve months. Staining and sealing help to protect your fence from wood rot, moisture infiltration, mold growth and UV damage. On a more regular basis, brush off any dirt or debris that may accumulate at the base of the fence. Schedule fence repair with a professional as soon as you see signs of mold or rotting

Aluminum or Metal Fence

Aluminum and metal fencing typically require much less maintenance, but a little care here and there will keep your fence standing tall and strong. Although staining and painting isn’t absolutely necessary, you may consider painting your fence with a rust-inhibiting paint. Use a metal brush to scrape off occasional rust buildup and touch up with paint as necessary.

PVC or Vinyl

PVC and vinyl fencing are virtually maintenance-free and will only require basic cleaning to keep it looking bright and like-new. To clean your PVC or vinyl deck, simply sweep and wipe down surfaces using surface cleaner. Talk to your fencing expert to learn more about what to do when you’re looking for more in-depth cleaning.

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