Quality Student Digs in Winchester

Winchester is a wonderful city, providing extensive accommodations for families, professionals, and students. Accommodations for students are typically found within the campus or nearby, making it easier for them to attend classes and go home during night time.

Student accommodation Winchester cost varies from one place to another. On average however, students can expect to shell out £550 to £600 within University-owned halls. For private establishments, the cost may be slightly lower with payments given at least one month in advance. The insurance also varies depending on the coverage but averages at £80 with a police registration of £34. You may also need a bedding packing, costing roughly £40.


All in all, average cost per accommodation is set at £740 with a recurring cost of £600 every month. Understand that the amount cited pertains to university accommodations, which means that electricity and water are already included in the price. As for private establishments, a different billing for utilities will be added in, possible costing around £80 per month, depending on the number of appliances you use within a given time.

Don’t forget to add in other variable costs such as television, internet, mobile phone plans, laundry, gas, food, water and laundry. Factoring these in, monthly expenditures of a typical Winchester student may amount to more than £1,000 although of course, this is largely dependent on the type of lifestyle of the student.

Fortunately, there are sufficient Student Digs in Winchester where you can choose and compare. Take the time to browse through several apartments and houses before choosing one that works for you.

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