Refrigerator Repair Guide

This ring up an exception to one of the principles that many refrigerator technicians rely on for quick and proper diagnosis and you should know about it. When examining a refrigeration appliance, one of the questions you should ask yourself is whether the problem lies in the refrigeration system or if the problem is electrical. If the compressor is running but not cooling, feel the condenser tubing. If it is hot or warm to the touch, you know that the refrigeration circuit is doing, its job of removing the heat from the contents.

In a refrigerator with a frost-free system, there is a condition which causes the condenser to be hot, yet the evaporator is only cool (not cold) or even in to the touch. This is caused by the compressor and the evaporator heater remaining energized at the same time, and the problem always lies within the defrost timer. You can use the “hot condenser” principle to good advantage. If the system is running, air passage ways are clear but the evaporator warm, a cool condenser means that there is likely a problem within refrigeration system most likely leak or restriction. It’s time to call refrigerator repair technician. Don’t forget, however, that your accurate description of the problem can save you money and make the refrigeration repair much easier.

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