Security Guard Training

The security guard training industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that is consistently growing every year. There is a high demand for security professionals in a variety of fields and industries including healthcare, real estate, transportation, retail business, entertainment, drinking establishments and many more. In fact, virtually every industry has a need for well-trained security professionals in one capacity or another and security guard training  is just the way to meet that need.


Not only are there countless jobs and career opportunities for those willing to undergo security training for the wide range of security jobs needed to keep the world going, but there is also a huge market for security guard training services for those with a law enforcement background. For experienced former law enforcement officers, the security training industry offers a fantastic opportunity to build a business from the ground up using the experience and skills you developed in public service. Your security guard training services may be limited to consulting for other security firms or private companies, or it may extend to actually providing security guard training to the guards in your own security company.

There are a variety of areas where your skills as a former law enforcement officer can help you in providing security guard training services. Depending on the jurisdiction and the individual’s background, some ex-law enforcement officers will likely have to seek additional licenses in order to qualify to train security guards, though some ex-law enforcement officers may have existing qualifications, depending on their law enforcement background and their previous involvement in security Melbourne.

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