Timber Floorings: Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Them Sparkling New As Ever

Your home is a good reflection of your personality. If you like to keep your home spic and clean then you are the type of person who believes in cleanliness inside out. Making a home that speaks of you means having quality materials that helped build your home to your liking. Specifically a good composition of the home is the floor area which you like to be kept clean most of the time. Why not make use of Timber floorings? These kinds of floorings are basically easy to maintain and care for. Knowing some simple floor cleaning tips and tricks would help you make your Timber floors last for a very long time.

Timber flooring is a smart way to beauty your home and making it look with a sense of elegance and class as well. All you have to do is to keep your Timber floors as sparkling new like these were just newly installed. You can start doing this by keeping the floors as neat, unmarked and bright as possible.




To start, do a good inspection of your Timber floors. Make it a habit to do so. If you notice dust, dirt and probably some sand on your floors, then you have to immediately do something about it. This is a bad sign of tear and wear of your floorings. Your floors would look worn-out and old. A good tip to counter off this problem is thru a regular good vacuuming method. Get a vacuum that is equipped with a smooth bristle base to vacuum the floor. This would be gentle enough to get rid of the dirt and dust without scraping your floors. Better yet, you can add an electrostatic attachment to your vacuum for the same purpose of gentle cleaning. There is also an electrostatic mop which you can use to clean your floors. Regular vacuuming and cleaning with this equipment would keep your floors maintain their shine and sparkle. As you clean up or vacuum your floors make sure you also clean up the floor mats or small carpets around your home. These gather up dust and dirt that could possibly add more damage to your floors.

If you have some difficulty in cleaning up some dirt and dust stains on the floors you can make use of some water and a reliable mop. Just make sure the mop is just damp enough to be able to rub off the dirt and dust; too much water on the mop would possibly damage your floors. You can also use a ph neutral floor cleaner which is a good product especially made to clean Timber floors. Just follow the basic instructions and you would successfully get your desired results.

Remember that your Timber floorings need gentle cleaning and you must do so with utmost care. This means you don’t use ordinary home cleaning products like your washing detergents, steel wool pads; floor wax and other related products. These can be too rough on your floorings leaving some stains, marks or scrapes. Wax is a no-no because this leaves some kind of silicon film or wax material on the Timber which may make recoating problems for you in the future when you need so. Recoating your Timber floors is another good trick to maintain its polish and shine; so keep in mind not to apply wax or any similar product on your floors if you have plans of recoating in the future.

Remember to choose quality cleaning materials to clean your floors. Make use of floor mops which are lint-free and make sure to carefully and completely clean these floor mops before and after their use. If you come across some spatter of any liquid on the floors, immediately gently dry this off by using slightly damped paper towels or a damp cloth.

You choose Timber floorings on your home because they look good and serve the purpose of adding personality, style and class to your home. It is just right that you must learn some helpful tips and tricks to keep them look good and new for as long as you can.

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