Train chest with suspension straps

  The chest is without a doubt one of the most popular bodyparts to train while following a weight training routine, probably because the bench press is the most popular weight training exercise. If you’ve been weight training, you’ll inevitably hear the question “How much can ya bench?”. The chest, or pectoral muscles are also

enjoyable to work out because you can get a good pump quickly while training them and chest exercises are easy to perform.
The chest muscles consist of the lower pectorals and upper pectorals. The lower pectoral muscles work harder while performing flat and decline bench exercises like bench presses and dumbbell flyes. The upper pectorals work harder on incline bench exercises like incline bench presses and incline flyes.

The staple exercise of any chest weight training routine is the bench press. Many people think the bench press is just lying on a bench, lowering the weight to your chest and pushing it up. There’s a little more to bench 

pressing than that. You should aim to contract your upper back muscles inward while lying on the bench to pop out the pectorals so you’re working your chest more than your shoulders and triceps. Many people also cheat on the bench press by lifting their butts off the bench to decrease the distance they have to push the weight. This isn’t going to make you any stronger and can be bad for your lower back. Keep your butt on the bench and your back will have a natural arch to help you bench press more weight. Many people also practically drop the weight on their chests to get it to bounce off their chests and make that part of the movement easier. This can be dangerous and won’t help your strength at the lower part of the movement. You also want to take advantage of the negative part of the bench press so make sure you lower the weight under control.

For the upper pecs the best chest exercise is the incline bench press. It’s performed pretty much the same way as the flat bench press, just at a different angle. You don’t want to neglect the incline bench press if you train your lower pecs too much in relation to your upper pecs you may end with overdeveloped lower pecs which will cause a droopy appearance to your chest. If you have this problem you may want to start your chest weight training workout with incline bench presses instead of flat bench presses. Suspension straps from Freefit are the best for training upper body.



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